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Shikder Ambulance service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Looking for a reliable ambulance service you can count on? Look no further! Shikder Ambulance is dedicated to delivering top-notch medical transportation services in the area. Whether it's an urgent situation or a routine transfer, our team is fully prepared to manage the task effectively. Our courteous and expert professionals recognize the significance of both comfort and safety, prioritizing your well-being throughout the entire journey. Opt for Shikder Ambulance, and allow us to guide you to your destination with the utmost care and precision.

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The Best Ac Ambulance service in Dhaka

AC Ambulance Service is Comfort in Critical Times. In the sweltering heat of Dhaka's summers or the humid monsoon season, comfort matters, especially during medical emergencies. In Dhaka, our commitment is to provide more than just transportation — we're dedicated to making sure patients and their families enjoy a cool and soothing atmosphere throughout their transit. Prioritizing temperature control, our best Ac ambulance services ensure the necessary comfort for a seamless journey to the hospital.

Climate Control: Our air-conditioned ambulances maintain a regulated interior temperature, guaranteeing a comfortable environment for patients irrespective of external weather conditions. This is pivotal in preventing overheating or chilling during transit.

Your Safety, Our Priority: Above all, our dedication revolves around ensuring the safety and well-being of our passengers. By offering a private and secure environment, we not only meet but exceed the expectations of those who entrust us with their transit, making privacy and safety paramount in every journey.

Non-Ac Ambulance service in Bangladesh

In the context of Bangladesh, where the healthcare landscape is as diverse as its cultural tapestry, ensuring accessible medical services is of paramount importance. This holds especially true for ambulance services, a lifeline during medical emergencies. The refrain "In a country like Bangladesh, where diverse economic conditions prevail, affordability should never hinder access to essential medical care. Our non-AC ambulance service is designed to be both budget-friendly and readily available throughout the nation. We firmly believe that every citizen deserves prompt and affordable transportation to medical facilities in their moment of need."

1. Basic Life Support (BLS) Equipment: In the realm of emergency medical services, non-AC ambulances stand as silent heroes equipped with the quintessentials to ensure a patient's well-being during transit. Let's delve into the crucial life-support arsenal these ambulances boast.

2. Comfortable Stretcher: The Comfortable Stretcher is a meticulously designed medical apparatus that prioritizes patient comfort during transportation. Crafted with ergonomic considerations, it ensures a smooth and cozy experience for individuals in transit. This innovative stretcher not only meets the highest standards of safety but also provides a supportive and comfortable environment, reflecting a commitment to enhancing the overall well-being of patients during medical transport.

3. Affordability of Non-Ac Ambulances: The Affordability of Non-AC Ambulances underscores a commitment to making essential medical transport accessible to everyone. Tailored to diverse economic backgrounds, these services prioritize budget-friendly solutions without compromising on promptness and quality. By ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder access to vital healthcare, these ambulances stand as a beacon of inclusivity, providing a lifeline to individuals in their moments of need.

The Freezing Ambulance in Dhaka

The Freezing Ambulance Service in Dhaka sets a new standard for emergency medical transport in the city. Specially designed to address the challenges posed by extreme temperatures, this service ensures that patients receive swift and efficient care even in freezing conditions. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence, the Freezing Ambulance Service stands ready to provide timely and life-saving assistance, making a significant impact on emergency healthcare in Dhaka.

Freezing ambulances, also known as mortuary or body freezer ambulances, play a vital role in providing essential facilities and services for the proper care and preservation of deceased individuals. These services are particularly crucial in various scenarios, especially when post-mortem preservation becomes a necessity.

Freezing ambulances, also known as refrigerated ambulances or cold chain ambulances, are equipped with specialized facilities to ensure the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive medical cargo. Here are the key facilities commonly found in freezing ambulances:


Dead body Carrier Freezer Van and Ambulance service

The Freezer (Mortuary) Ambulance services play a crucial role in providing compassionate and dignified transportation for the deceased. In the realm of freezer ambulance services in Bangladesh, our commitment is unwavering—to honor the departed and support grieving families with the utmost care and respect. Through precision, round-the-clock availability, a skilled team, and advanced technology, we navigate the delicate nature of this responsibility, ensuring a dignified journey for every soul we serve.

24/7 Availability: Death respects no schedule, and neither do we. Our freezer ambulance services stand ready 24/7, acknowledging the urgency and delicacy that such situations demand.

Temperature Control: These ambulances feature advanced refrigeration and temperature control systems, allowing precise regulation of internal temperatures to keep medical cargo within the required temperature range.

Temperature Monitoring: Sophisticated monitoring systems continuously track and record temperature data, providing real-time information to ensure cargo remains at the desired temperature throughout the journey.

GPS Tracking: Many freezing ambulances are equipped with GPS tracking systems to monitor the vehicle's location in real-time, ensuring that medical cargo reaches its destination as efficiently as possible.

Lighting to Looking: These ambulances are equipped with emergency lighting and sirens to ensure visibility and prioritize safe transportation during emergencies.

The Basic Life Support ICU Ambulance service

Life support ambulance services encompass various types of specialized care to address different medical needs. Here are some common types of life support ambulance services. In times of medical emergencies, every second is precious, and having access to specialized care can make all the difference. That's where Life Support Ambulance Services come into play, offering a lifeline to individuals facing critical health crises. Here's a closer look at the invaluable role of Life Support Ambulance Services. The Varieties of Life Support Ambulance Services:

Basic Life Support Ambulance Services (BLS)

BLS ambulances offer essential medical care, including first aid, oxygen administration, wound management, and basic patient assessment. They are often used for non-life-threatening situations.

Advanced Life Support Ambulances Services (ALS)

Equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by highly trained paramedics, these ambulances provide critical care interventions such as administering medications, advanced airway management, and cardiac monitoring.

Cardiac Life Support Ambulances Services

Cardiac life support ambulances play a pivotal role in the swift and effective response to cardiac emergencies, which are among the leading causes of mortality worldwide. These specialized ambulances are equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by highly trained professionals dedicated to managing and mitigating cardiac events. Cardiac Life Support Ambulances, Saving Hearts, Saving Lives

ICU Ambulance services (Intensive Care Unit)

The ICU (Intensive Care Unit) ambulance services provide advanced critical care on wheels. These specialized ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed by highly trained medical professionals, including critical care nurses and paramedics. They offer ventilator support, continuous cardiac monitoring, and the ability to administer complex medications.

NICU Ambulance Service (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) ambulance services are a vital component of neonatal healthcare, specializing in the safe and compassionate transportation of premature infants and critically ill newborns. These specialized ambulances are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of the tiniest and most vulnerable patients.

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Ambulances are crafted in diverse types, each tailored to address distinct medical requirements and scenarios. Let's explore some varieties of ambulances.

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In search of a cost-effective ambulance service? Look no further Ambulance is your go-to for top-notch emergency transportation at budget-friendly rates.

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Are you in need of a reliable Emergency Ambulance service in Dhaka? Look no further than Shikder Ambulance! Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is just a call away, ready to provide prompt and efficient assistance during any medical emergency. With our state-of-the-art fleet of ambulances equipped with life-saving equipment, we ensure your loved ones receive the care they deserve. Trust Shikder Ambulance to be your partner in times of distress, offering compassionate service and peace of mind when it matters most. Booking an Ambulance service in times of medical emergencies is a critical and often time-sensitive process. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to book an ambulance efficiently and effectively.

How Can I Book An Ambulance Service

1. Emergency Contact: The process usually kicks off with an emergency contact, frequently made through a specialized hotline. Callers detail the situation, pinpoint the location, and specify the type of medical help needed.

2. Ambulance Selection: Based on the information provided by the caller and the evaluation by the dispatcher, the system chooses the suitable ambulance type. This may include Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), or a specialized Dead Body Carrier Freezer Ambulance.

3. Provide Destination: When booking an ambulance, it's essential to provide accurate destination information to ensure that the ambulance crew can transport the patient to the right healthcare facility promptly and efficiently. Like Patients Addresss, and Hospital Name with Address.

3. Multi-Channel Access: The system facilitates emergency calls through multiple channels, encompassing phone calls, text messages, and WhatsApp.