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Ventilator Ambulance service in Dhaka

Ventilator Ambulance service

Ventilator Ambulance service in Dhaka

Ventilator Ambulance with Doctors in Dhaka

The basic life support Ambulance service in Dhaka. We provide different types of life support Ambulances all over Bangladesh. A ventilator ambulance service refers to an ambulance that is equipped with a ventilator, a medical device used to assist individuals with breathing difficulties or respiratory failure. These specialized ambulances are typically staffed with highly trained medical professionals, such as critical care paramedics or respiratory therapists, who are capable of providing advanced respiratory care during transport.

Ventilator ambulance services are essential for transporting patients who require mechanical ventilation support while being transferred between medical facilities or when being transported for specialized medical care. Here are some key features of a ventilator ambulance service:

Mechanical Ventilation Service

Ventilator ambulances are equipped with portable ventilators that can assist patients with breathing. This is crucial for individuals with severe respiratory conditions or those who are unable to breathe adequately on their own.

Highly Trained Staff:

The medical staff on board ventilator ambulances are specially trained to manage and monitor ventilated patients. They can make adjustments to the ventilator settings and respond to any complications that may arise during transport.

Advanced Monitoring 

These ambulances are equipped with advanced monitoring equipment to continuously assess the patient's vital signs, oxygen levels, and other critical parameters.

Critical Care Transport

Ventilator ambulances are often used for critical care transport, which involves transferring seriously ill or injured patients between medical facilities, such as from a smaller hospital to a larger medical center with specialized services.

Oxygen Supply

In addition to mechanical ventilation, these ambulances have a ready supply of medical oxygen to support patients' respiratory needs.